Chipola Athletics Facilities

Basketball Facility

Chipola's home basketball court is the Milton H. Johnson Center, which has the largest seating capacity of any basketball facility in the Panhandle Conference - approximately 4,000.

Fan attendance at home games has been the highest in the state over the years.

The arena received a huge renovation in recent years, including a new state-of-the-art floor and updated locker rooms. In addition, there is a weight room, conditioning rooms, and athletic training facility. 


Baseball/Softball Complex

With the recent renovation of Chipola's new baseball and softball complex, Chipola now offers the best facilities in the Southeast. 

New Weight and Conditioning Rooms are furnished with modern equipment.  The new facilities offer locker rooms, office and classroom spaces for pre and post game meetings. 

The covered bricked viewing stands offer an excellent view of Chipola's baseball field, while providing shade from the hot Florida sun.  The bricked softball field viewing stands have been recently renovated to provide additional seating. 

In addition, a new state-of-the-art indoor pitching and batting facility allows teams to practice during inclement weather. 


Residence Hall

With a 2 million renovation in 2017, the residence hall at Chipola is a great perk. Each athlete shares a private entrance suite in the residence hall with bath and limited kitchen facilities (layouts,furniture, and setups differ).





Chipola's newly redesigned cafeteria provides an excellent healthy choices for student-athletes seeking to maintain peek performance.  The Chipola Food Court offers a variety of food A La Carte and the Speciality Bar, Salad/Soup Bar and Hot Bar are available with numerous options from fried chicken to lasagna.




Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) Lab

The Academic Center for Excellence provides free tutoring and test reviews in almost every subject for student-athletes.  Tutoring sessions occur in individual or group study sessions. 

Peer tutors are available throughout the week.  Not only do the tutoring sessions enhance the overall educational learning of student-athletes, they assist students in developing the proper study skills for success in the class.  Furthermore, they provide consistent encouragement, motivation, and positive reinforcement to Chipola students.   

The ACE Lab is equipped with the latest in computers and learning software to meet the needs of all students. 

Athletes' class attendance and academic performance is monitored to ensure success in the classroom.